How Is It Working For You

How’s that “Hope and Change” working for you??

It’s amazing just how fast one person (or one group of people) can screw everything up…

Hope and Change

Hope and Change


What We’re Up Against

I read a blog post today from someone that REALLY doesn’t understand what small businesses are.
Well,,, maybe this person does but chooses to take a socialistic view of what small businesses should be – I’m not sure.

I don’t get how anybody who makes 250,000 dollars a year can complain about anything. I would like to see that persons house. I would like to see what they drive. I know men that make only 9.00 an hour and drive a mercedes. So I can only imagine what their salary would bring. Listen, I’m not a expert on the subject, but I have a whole lot of common sense. If a person who is making that much money, I imagine them taking out 50,000 for taxes and then 100,000 dollars annually for employees. That would bring you a profit of what 100,000 dollars, yet that is not enough? Now we know that the government isn’t taking away 50,000 dollars annually are they?

This is where the person just doesn’t understand small business – AT All…

The Communist Manifesto explains this Attitude: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
I’m actually kind of shocked Karl Marx wasn’t listed on this person’s blog as their person most admired.
If the person that wrote this tripe ever read the Communist Manifesto; I BET this person would agree with the book completely..

And this one:

I said it and it’s what I believe. Obama raising taxes on families or businesses that make that kind of income, you need to know what they actually pay their employees. 7.00 an hour. shame on them.

Yep,,, “Spread The Wealth Around” mentality.

I guess, being a small business owner, I should pay my employees over $7.00 / hour no matter what their job actually is. Everyone knows it’s up the the employer to make sure the unskilled labor makes enough to support their families – right???
THIS is the mentallity of the Obama supporters. It’s not our job to learn a skill and it’s YOUR job to pay me enough to support my family.. This shit makes me sick.

Again: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” explains this view.

The phrase summarizes the principles that, under a communist system, every person should contribute to society to the best of their ability and consume from society in proportion to their needs, regardless of how much they have contributed. In the Marxist view, such an arrangement will be made possible by the abundance of goods and services that a developed communist society will produce; the idea is that there will be enough to satisfy everyone’s needs

How about this one:

Now I will cut that conversation off before I say too much, but you get my point. Downtown Orlando, you don’t see many blacks. Another controversial statement, and if you do, they are headed to court. No offense, blacks don’t get ahead in corporate America, at least they don’t really in Florida. And when they do, they turn conservative, which makes them not stay current on the issues that plaque blacks and liberal whites as well as all liberals. How sad?

I use to work in Orlando for years and there are PLENTY of black executives! OH Yeah,,, I forgot about them turning conservative and thus making “them not stay current on the issues“.. That’s right; if you’re not a bleeding-heart liberal and want to make EVERYTHING a government give-away; you’re “not current on the issues”.

I would dare to say that conservatives are more focused on the issues – that’s why they became CONSERVATIVE..

As we can see from this economic crisis, the wrong kind of government takes care of it’s own first. Believe it. I know that many people will disagree with me, or maybe not, but with the homelessness, and drug abuse, firearms in the wrong hands, terrorist threats, crime filled cities and states, foreclosures, debt weariness, healthcare denials, Noone that makes $250,000 annually should have anything to complain about. I said it and it’s what I believe. Obama raising taxes on families or businesses that make that kind of income, you need to know what they actually pay their employees. 7.00 an hour. shame on them. You also should know that most families do not make that kind of money,if they did, we wouldn’t have this foreclosure crisis. But businesses do and to think what they pay their employees, many of them offering no insurance or benefits.
We the working people of America deserve better than this.

Another “GIVE me everything I need so I don’t have to work for it” liberal attitude.

Isn’t it funny how this person quotes the “Terrorist threats” as an issue. When was the last time you saw a Liberal do ANYTHING about a terrorist threat – other than bend over and grab the ankles.
“Foreclosures…” Did this person actually investigate this issue?????? Obviously not if this person cites this is a problem.
“Yep, Mr. Ilegal Immigrant, you qualify for a 300.000 dollar home! Can’t pay for it? Not our problem. Our job is to put you into a house you picked – no matter if you can afford it or not.”

This kind of shit makes me want to hurl. There is only so much of this “Un-Informed, Believe everything Liberals say, I’m a sheep following the liberal heard” mentality I can take at one time.

Does it EVERY strike ANYONE odd that people that come here (legally) from other countries tend to make it to the American Dream where some people that were actually born here think the American Dream needs to be given to them???????????

If you can stomach this tripe; here is the blog post.


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Obama’s 250k Cutoff

I used to own a small buisiness and 250k a year tax cutoff is an absolute JOKE.

Obama’s Idiot statement: “The majority of small businesses make less than $250.000.00 a year”

That is absolute bullshit. I had a small business (SOLE PROPRIETOR) and in total receipts (which is what the Small Business Association goes by – or number of employees) I would have a tax raise and I was the ONLY employee!

Who employs the most people in the US? Small businesses. This tax raise will KILL a LOT of those businesses and guess what… Guess who will feel the tax raise the most… The Employees that are let go because the business cannot afford to keep them on the payroll now..

But,,, hey,,, it’s Obama The Buffoon – the All Mighty, the most merciful one, the messiah..

This will be a total disaster – but you wanted it – something for nothing and you’re going to get it, but it won’t be what you think…

Just Say hello and wave to all the other idiots in the unemployment line…


Obama The Idiot

I’m beginning to wonder myself just who is pulling Obama’s strings..

I’ve watched this guy and besides the fact he’s a total idiot; and could put a coherent sentence together without a teleprompter; he’s flip-flopped more than the last failed idiot running for president John “The Dumb ass” Kerry.

I’ve watched the drive-by media orgasm over his every word and it’s pretty damn sickening.
Just how many positions can one candidate have on ONE subject? Yes, Now, Maybe, I don’t know, I’ll have to ask “my people” what my position is on this and I’ll get back to you with an incoherent answer, but only if you provide me with a teleprompter”

143 days of experience in the senate and this dumbass thinks he’s god to the masses.. Notice I put a LITTLE “g” on that..

Not my image. Its from another blog, but cannot find it right now.

Not my image. Its from another blog, but cannot find it right now.

I HOPE the idiots that vote for this dumbass have REALLY good jobs because they will need it. I can give you a 100% guarantee taxes WILL go up – WAY more than now. We’ll see then just how much these “Stick it to the rich” dumbasses like their paychecks after “The Obama” gets through with them..

Ops.. Forgot my place.. I’m part of the “Rich White People” group his idiot pastor was ranted about in “The Obama’s” church.

Has anyone caught the lastest on the Obama Tour? It should to be billed “Obama In Concert” by the twit-media that’s having the “Big O” over his ability to say anything to be elected. If you listen to these people, the “Great I AM” is The Obama!

One thing I do know, what goes around; comes around. That’s a fact of life The Obama can’t change.

JEEZZZZ.. what a load of Crap this guy is!


This blog

I think this blog might be ditched since I’ve started another on blogspot. Nothing wrong with this blog; but would like to try other hosts is all.

The New Blog is here: The Evil Pundit

Since this blog has been everything from the original Daily Rant to Cigars to everything in between; it’s time to let this one go.

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