Obama The Idiot

I’m beginning to wonder myself just who is pulling Obama’s strings..

I’ve watched this guy and besides the fact he’s a total idiot; and could put a coherent sentence together without a teleprompter; he’s flip-flopped more than the last failed idiot running for president John “The Dumb ass” Kerry.

I’ve watched the drive-by media orgasm over his every word and it’s pretty damn sickening.
Just how many positions can one candidate have on ONE subject? Yes, Now, Maybe, I don’t know, I’ll have to ask “my people” what my position is on this and I’ll get back to you with an incoherent answer, but only if you provide me with a teleprompter”

143 days of experience in the senate and this dumbass thinks he’s god to the masses.. Notice I put a LITTLE “g” on that..

Not my image. Its from another blog, but cannot find it right now.

Not my image. Its from another blog, but cannot find it right now.

I HOPE the idiots that vote for this dumbass have REALLY good jobs because they will need it. I can give you a 100% guarantee taxes WILL go up – WAY more than now. We’ll see then just how much these “Stick it to the rich” dumbasses like their paychecks after “The Obama” gets through with them..

Ops.. Forgot my place.. I’m part of the “Rich White People” group his idiot pastor was ranted about in “The Obama’s” church.

Has anyone caught the lastest on the Obama Tour? It should to be billed “Obama In Concert” by the twit-media that’s having the “Big O” over his ability to say anything to be elected. If you listen to these people, the “Great I AM” is The Obama!

One thing I do know, what goes around; comes around. That’s a fact of life The Obama can’t change.

JEEZZZZ.. what a load of Crap this guy is!


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